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Global Ikasu Block Set, 7pc


* Made from Cromova 18 stainless-steel
* Ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°-58°
* Holds a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion
* Each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand
* The smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene
* Lifetime warranty against defects and breakage

* Made in Japan

Set includes:
G2 Cooks 20cm
G9 Bread 22cm
GS3 Cook 13cm
GS5 Vegetable 14cm
GSF15 Peeling 8cm
GSF22 Utility 11cm
Bamboo Knife Block

$449.99 REG $599.98