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Global Sai, Cook's, Hammered Finish, 10"


The all-rounder for professional and hobby chefs, also called a cook's knife, is a versatile kitchen knife. The heft, weight and balance of this knife allow it to be used for both heavy duty work with thicker cuts of vegetables, fruits and meats or mincing and chopping herbs. The curved blade enables a rocking cut and wide surface enables knuckle clearance and gathering of cut materials.

Blade Length: 25.4 cm (10")
* Hammered finish provides better release of foods
* Made of triple layered Cromova 18 grade stainless-steel
* Ice tempered, hardened to Rockwell C58° - 59°
* Outer layers made of SUS410 grade stainless-steel
* Resists chipping, rust, stains and corrosion
* Handle designed for left and right handed use
* Seamless construction with hygenically safe-smooth contours that eliminate food traps