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All Clad Copper Core – 4qt Sauce pan


This 4-quart pan has both a lid for controlling evaporation and a long, cast stainless steel handle.

*For Sauces, Cooking in Liquids, and Reheating
*All-Clad COPPER CORE Collection features bonded five-ply construction with layers of aluminum surrounding a copper core.
*The 18/10 stick-resistant stainless steel interior provides an easy-to-clean cooking surface
The stainless steel exterior makes this cookware compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops.
 COPPER CORE's layered construction eliminates warping and enables rapid, even heating.
*Copper center core maximizes heat conductivity and responsiveness
*Distinctive exposed copper band adds design elegance
*Rolled edges for drip-free pouring
*Engraved capacity marking on the bottom of every pan
Long stick handle stays cool on the cooktop

Capacity: 4 QT.
Size: 19.1" x 8.8" x 7.4"