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Bodum Schiuma Milk Whip, Black


1) Fill a cup or beaker with 2-4 oz of milk, for best results,   we recommend starting with cold, non-fat milk. Should you prefer, Regular or warm milk will also work.

2) Take the BODUM Schiuma milk frother and place the tip of the whisk close to the Bottom of the cup or beaker. Turn the unit on and slowly move the frother up & down as the milk froths. Keep the tip of the frother below the top of the milk as you froth, Froth for 25-30 seconds or Until the volume of milk approximately doubles.  

3) If you started with cold milk, you can put the microwave safe cup or beaker into the micro-wave for 20-30       seconds to heat it up. 

  • Battery operated milk frother, requires 2 x AA batteries.