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Bodum Brazil French Press, 8 cup, Red


Capacity: 8cup (34oz)

1)  Place pot on a dry, flat, non-slip surface.
     1 rounded tablespoon or 1 BODUM?scoop of
     coarse ground coffee into the pot for each 4oz. cup.
2)  Pour hot(not boiling) water into the pot.
3)  Stir the brew with a plastic spoon.
4)  Let the coffee brew for at least 4 minutes.
     Do not press down.
5)  Hold handle firmly, press the knob straight
     down into the pot.
6)  Turn the lid to open the pour spout and then
     enjoy your coffee.
7)  Unscrew the filter assembly and clean the plunger
     unit after each use.

* All parts are dishwasher safe.

$21.99 REG $26.98